Part M: FIFO Costing

Chapters in this part: The following chapters describe how the FIFO (first-in, first-out) costing method works, and provides information on the menu options related directly to working with and reporting on FIFO costing.

Chapter 96: FIFO Costing Overview explains how the system tracks FIFO costing for the various types of inventory activity.

Chapter 97: Working with FIFO Cost Conversion (WFCV) describes how to convert between another costing method and FIFO costing.

Chapter 98: Using FIFO Cost Layer Inquiry (WFCF) describes how to review FIFO cost layers or change a layer's cost.

Chapter 99: Printing the FIFO Stock Aging Report (PFSA)describes how to print these reports and provides samples.

Chapter 100: Printing the FIFO Activity Report (PFCA) describes how to print this report and provides a sample.

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