Customer API Report: Customers In Error

How to print: Complete the Print Customer API Reports Screen with the Print customers in error flag set to Y.

CWDirect Rel 8.5 Customer API Report EKAPLAN IXR0045 9/09/04 9:28:58 Page 1

EZK Mail Order

Customers In Error

Date Time Act Customer# Alternate# Name

9/07/04 17:24:26 A 1158 Teasdale, Camille

9/08/04 13:59:38 A 1165 BURKETT, JESSE


9/08/04 15:53:58 A 1170 00001234467 VANDALAY INDUSTRIES ATTN: VANDA

Contents: For each customer API Add, Change, or Delete request currently in E (error) status):

Date that the request was received by the CUSTOMER_IN process.

Time that the Delete request was received by the CUSTOMER_IN process.

Act (Action): Possible values are:

A = Add a customer

C = Change an existing customer

D = Delete an existing customer

Customer#: The cst_cust_nbr indicated in the Inbound Customer Message (CWCustomerIn) or selected by the CUSTOMR_IN process.

Alternate#: The cst_interface_cust_nbr, if any, indicated in the Inbound Customer Message (CWCustomerIn).

Name: The name (including the cst_fname, cst_minitial, cst_lname, cst_company_name) from the Inbound Customer Message (CWCustomerIn)

To fix errors: Use the Change Customer API Screen to identify errors in a Change or Add customer API request that are preventing the request from processing. For example, the system uses many of the same edits that take place when you create a customer in order entry or customer maintenance. See Generic Customer API for an overview.

You will not be able to process Delete requests in error; instead, you can delete the Delete requests at the Work with Customer API Screen.

CS03_24r CWDirect 18.0 August 2015 OTN