Drop Ship Purchase Order List

Purpose: This report lists vendors for whom you have generated drop ship purchase orders using the Selecting Vendors for Drop Ship Processing (MDSP) menu option, the order number and purchase order number for each drop ship order, and whether the purchase order will be automatically processed through the CWCollaborate Interface.

This report does not include vendors whose Drop ship output field is set to P (Pick slips), since you do not produce purchase orders (instead you produce pick slips) for these vendors.

How to print: he system generates this list when you process drop ship purchase orders at the Select Vendors for Drop Ship Screen. .

CWDirect Rel 4.2 Drop Ship Purchase Order List LWARREN POR0409 3/24/14 16:16:39 Page 1

EZK Mail Order

P/O# Vendor# Due Date Order# Customer# Name Locate

746 25 4/11/14 4189 - 001 142 WENDELL, MICKEY Y

747 101 4/11/14 4187 - 001 128 VAN VOORHIS, JAKE Y

748 101 4/18/14 4188 - 001 130 BYRD, ARIEL Y


• Purchase order number. The system automatically assigns purchase order numbers when you generate drop ship purchase orders.

• Vendor number

• Due Date. The system calculates this date by adding the number of days in the vendor item file to the order date, except when the arrival date on the order is later than the calculated date; in this case the due date is the arrival date.

• Order number

• Customer number and name

• Locate flag: if you use CWCollaborate or Locateto automatically process drop ship items for this vendor, the Locate flag is set to Y.

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