2 Fixes in This Release

This chapter lists the bugs that were fixed in Oracle Communications Convergence


For the list of bugs that have been fixed in 3.0.2 patch sets, refer to the patch Readme documents on My Oracle Support (MOS).

Fixes in Release 3.0.2

Table 2-1 lists and describes the bugs fixed in this release of Convergence.

Table 2-1 Fixes in Release 3.0.2

Reference Description

Bug #: 27946941

Email Addresses with diacritic and non-diacritic signs can be found while using auto-complete in mail compose tab.

Bug #: 27772011

When a user sets the lang parameter to hello, the UI displays text and aligns widget left-to-right now.

Bug #: 27477887

The message is properly displayed even when the message has both text/html and text/x-watch-html parts.

Bug #: 27368872

Convergence HTML sanitizer now supports whitelisting additional CSS properties and allowing URLs in inline styles.

Bug #: 27355473

When HTML filtering is enabled in Convergence, links are properly displayed in HTML email messages.

Bug #: 27350955

When HTML filtering is enabled in Convergence, presence of unicode characters in email content doesn't show client error.

Bug #: 27189797

Convergence is working properly with Firefox version 35.

Bug #: 27082113

When the configuration property is not set and user logs in with the expired password, Change Password button is not displayed.

Bug #: 27050550

In Safari desktop, when you drag and drop a message from the right pane to any folder, the messages are now displayed correctly in the email message grid.

Bug #: 27003023

In email notifications, only the necessary calendar event details are displayed.

Bug #: 26826007

The email message with only inline image and no body text is displayed properly in Convergence.

Bug #: 26821729

Scroll bar is not displayed in the printed email message.

Bug #: 26434491

When a user closes the email editor without saving the changes, the soft keyboard does not pop-up unnecessarily.

Bug #: 26365734

The domain specific Change Password page works properly when an administrator resets password.

Bug #: 26042458

When a calendar event is created for more than one day, the event is displayed properly in all the calendar views.

Bug #: 26020493

In Convergence UI, the Set Reminder field on the New Event page is properly displayed in French version.

Bug #: 25711923

When a user receives an iMIP/iTIP event notification email from Novell GroupWise client, the details are displayed properly.

Bug #: 25023726

Save Preferences and Cancel buttons are disabled if the Start Date or End Date field is not updated in the Vacation Message page.

Bug #: 12262921

Images in the incoming mail are properly shown or blocked according to the setting of the configuration parameter.

Bug #: 12305572

User can remember the last selected calendars even when the user logs out of Convergence.