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Administering an Oracle® Solaris Cluster 4.4 Configuration

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Updated: November 2019

Dynamic Reconfiguration With Cluster Interconnects

You must consider a few issues when completing dynamic reconfiguration (DR) operations on cluster interconnects.

  • All of the requirements, procedures, and restrictions that are documented for the Oracle Solaris dynamic reconfiguration feature also apply to Oracle Solaris Cluster dynamic reconfiguration support (except for the operating system quiescence operation). Therefore, review the documentation for the Oracle Solaris dynamic reconfiguration feature before using the dynamic reconfiguration feature with Oracle Solaris Cluster software. You should review in particular the issues that affect non-network IO devices during a dynamic reconfiguration detach operation.

  • The Oracle Solaris Cluster software rejects dynamic reconfiguration remove-board operations performed on active private interconnect interfaces.

  • You must completely remove an active adapter from the cluster in order to perform dynamic reconfiguration on an active cluster interconnect. Use the clsetup menu or the appropriate commands.


Caution  -  Oracle Solaris Cluster software requires that each cluster node has at least one functioning path to every other cluster node. Do not disable a private interconnect interface that supports the last path to any cluster node.

Complete the following procedures in the order indicated when performing dynamic reconfiguration operations on public network interfaces.

Table 12  Task Map: Dynamic Reconfiguration with Public Network Interfaces
1. Disable and remove the interface from the active interconnect
2. Perform the dynamic reconfiguration operation on the public network interface.