• In PowerPoint, you may not be able to access Smart View functions through Microsoft smart tags.

    Workaround: Retype “smartview” (the Smart View smart tag) to cause PowerPoint to reload the smart tag.

  • When you open a saved free-form workbook and change the Member Name Only or Member Name and Description setting in the Options dialog box before refreshing, the member display options do not work.

    Workaround: Refresh the grid before entering Member Name Only or Member Name and Description.

  • Because of a Microsoft Word limitation, if the value of the system-defined option "List separator" is set to one of the regular expression anchor characters (including but not limited to "^" and "$"), Word might fail to insert fields of type "Formula," which will cause failure of copy and paste.

    Workaround: Go to Control Panel, then Regional and Language, then Options, then Standards and Formats, then Customize, and then Numbers, and change the list separator option.

  • Do not change the file extension when you save an Excel workbook with the Get function that has been retrieved through simulation workbooks in the Smart View Panel.

  • Sheet names may be truncated if they are longer than 31 characters; this is an Excel limitation.

  • To use Outlook with Smart View, Visual Basic Scripting Support must be installed and Run From My Computer must be selected in Outlook. See Outlook product documentation for information.

  • In Microsoft Word, slider controls may be resized in reports created in the Report Designer.

  • When you perform drill-through from an Oracle Essbase Studio-sourced cube to FDM, if the EPM System Single Sign-On (SSO) token expires before the sessions of all products involved expires (Workspace, Provider Services, Essbase, Essbase Studio, FDM), the following message is displayed: “Error: An error occurred logging on to the system using single sign-on. Please contact your administrator. Error: 2067 -- You do not have access to the application!”

    Workaround: Log in again to EPM Workspace from Smart View.

  • When you delete a worksheet containing a reporting object from the Report Designer, Excel may terminate abruptly. This is a Microsoft issue.

  • Sliders in Smart Slice reports do not display properly after the report is closed and reopened. This happens because of a Microsoft security setting for ActiveX controls and OLE objects in Office 2007. See the Microsoft support site for information about working around this issue.

  • If you use Microsoft COM or Automation Add-ins to open Excel, the Smart View ribbon or menu is not displayed, and you cannot automate Smart View. This happens because Smart View cannot be loaded through automation.

    Workaround: Open Excel from EXCEL.EXE located in the Office installation folder, typically C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12. This workaround is effective only if you do not need to do any further automation. For more information and a complete workaround, see Knowledge Base Document 1453237.1, “SmartView Functionality Changed: Cannot Automate SmartView from Another Program, ” available from My Oracle Support.

  • In Smart Query, no results may be returned when you use an equals sign (=) in a filter definition based on value. This happens if the decimal places displayed for numbers in Excel in Smart View is different from that set in Essbase for the connection.

    Workaround: Use the same “decimal places displayed for numbers” setting in both Excel and Essbase.

  • When working with larger workbooks, or performing an operation that results in a large data set, a “not enough resources” error may occur.


    • Break up your workbook into smaller workbooks.

    • Upgrading to Office 64-bit may resolve the issue.

  • When inserting a Smart Slice into a report and refreshing the sheet, the report table is not refreshed and the table data is not visible.

    Workaround: If the data is not visible, click on the first few empty cells; data will then start displaying.

  • Zooming out after performing a zoom in can leave blank rows on the worksheet.

    Workaround: This is not a specific Smart View issue but may be related to excess formatting not being removed by Excel. Oracle recommends trying the following Microsoft workarounds: