• If you have cascaded a report created from a new Smart Slice containing at least one function grid and a control (slider or POV) across an Excel workbook, Excel may terminate abruptly if you choose not to save the cascaded report.

  • Smart View does not permit the use of #Missing in Calc Manager rules, even if the variable is set to permit #Missing.

  • In data forms previously saved in an Excel workbook, expanding a member may result in data that is incorrectly displayed as zero or No Access.

    Workaround: To display the correct data, refresh the worksheet or submit data.

  • Tasks imported into Outlook via Smart View can cause errors if Outlook is configured for Oracle Beehive.

    Workaround: In Outlook Send/Receive settings, select None for the Task List folder. See the Outlook documentation for information.

  • Read-only Dynamic Calc cells may be displayed incorrectly as writable in offline data forms with the suppress missing option set to true.

  • The Offline wizard continues to be displayed in English when you change to a different language in Smart View.

  • Planning servers added via “Add new server” from the Smart View Panel are not displayed in the Smart View Panel in Outlook.

  • If Suppress Rows is enabled in the Planning data form, new rows of data created in offline mode by means of a business rule are not saved when you synchronize back to the server.

  • If the option Keep data changes made in offline mode is unselected, then any changes made in an offline data form should be overwritten with data from the Planning web when you refresh. However, if the suppress missing rows option is selected for the data from, these changes are retained when you refresh.

  • In the Outlook 2007 shortcut menu for tasks, the Assign Task and Mark Complete items may work only intermittently.

  • Closing the Smart View Panel in Outlook may take a long time after you open a task from a large task list. The reason is that task lists are always refreshed upon closing, and the time needed to refresh depends, in part, on the number of tasks in the task list.

  • Starting with Release, Smart View cannot be connected to Planning through Provider Services. You can connect to Oracle Hyperion Planning directly.