Financial Management

  • Chart data is not properly updated upon Refresh if the data for the current intersection is #Invalid.

    Workaround: Change the slider or POV to a valid data point that displays different data, and then perform a Refresh. The chart is properly updated.

  • POV controls inserted into a report may be disabled when you close and reopen the document containing the report. This happens when ActiveX controls are disabled.

    Workaround: Enable ActiveX controls in Microsoft Office.

  • A connection timeout occurs when performing a refresh in the latest version of Smart View when connected to the 11.1.2 version of Financial Management. This issue is addressed starting with Financial Management

  • Problems with the column suppression options are causing Financial Management grids to open with a “grid is not well formed” error.

  • When performing ad hoc analysis while connected to a Oracle Hyperion Financial Management data source, with the Suppress Columns options “No Data/Missing” and “Zero” selected, after clicking Refresh, the corresponding columns are not suppressed and still appear in the sheet.