Installation and Windows Access Control Settings

Starting with the release, you can install Smart View as a System user or as a non-admin user.

Windows User Access Control (UAC) settings can affect Smart View installation. For information on setting UAC, see the Microsoft Windows documentation.

Also, see the Oracle Smart View for Office Readme, “Known Issues,” “Installation” topic, for any installation issues.

Table 1. Installation Guidelines for System, Admin, and Non-Admin Users

Installation Context Scenario UAC-Enabled Result
System userSmartView.exe is launched by the Windows scheduler or PsExecNot applicableSmart View is installed on the machine level
AdministratorThe user runs SmartView.exe with the “Run as Administrator” command or from an elevated command promptDepending on the UAC level, the user may need to go through the UAC UI sequenceSmart View is installed on the machine level
Non-admin userThe user installing Smart View may or may not be a member of the Administrators group.


Not supported on Windows 8.x, Windows 10, or Windows server platforms.

No UAC interaction is expected.Smart View is installed on the current user's level; other users will not be able to run Smart View


  • This scenario is not supported: A user installs Smart View, and then, on the same machine, another user tries to install Smart View in the same location as the previous installation.

  • After non-admin installations, launching Office applications with Smart View content from Internet Explorer will fail in protected mode.

  • Upgrade in mixed installation context is not supported. For example, upgrading the previously-installed per-machine installation with a per-user one is not supported (Error 1925).

  • Silent installations are not supported for non-admin users. When attempting a silent installation, the /s flag is ignored for non-admin users, causing the Smart View product installer to launch.

  • Non-admin users are not authorized to install Smart View in the C:\Program Files or C:\Program Files (x86) folders.