About Accessing Shared Connections from an XML File


The procedures in this chapter apply to shared connections only.

You can use shared connection information from an XML file to connect to supported Smart View providers, both cloud and on-premises. The XML file can exist either locally on each individual Smart View client machine or on a web server. Smart View end users point to this XML file in the Shared Connections URL field of the Options dialog box, and then access the available providers as they would any other shared connection to which they have access.

To connect to an Oracle BI EE provider from the Shared Connections Panel in Smart View, you must follow the procedures in this topic. However, you may also connect to Oracle BI EE data sources from the Private Connections Panel using the procedure described in “Creating Private Connections” in the Oracle Smart View for Office User's Guide.


Only ASCII characters are supported in the XML file. Do not use non-ASCII characters in any of the entries you make in this file.


The procedures in this chapter should be completed by the Smart View administrator.