32.7 Networks

32.7.1 About Networks

When you discover a network switch or network-enabled device, its networks are discovered. You can view the following information about a selected network:

  • Metric and Collection Settings

  • Metric Collection Errors

  • Status History

  • Incident Manager

  • Alert History

  • Blackouts and Brownouts

  • Create Blackout...

  • End Blackout...

  • All Metrics

  • Create Brownout...

  • End Brownout...

  • Job Activity

  • Information Publisher Reports

  • Last Collected

  • Comparison & Drift Management

  • Compare...

  • Search...

  • History

  • Save...

  • Saved

  • Topology

  • Compliance Results

  • Standard Associations

  • Real-time Observations

  • Monitoring Configuration

  • Administrator Access

  • Remove Target...

  • Add to Group...

  • Properties

  • Target Sitemap

  • Target Information

When you discover an operating system, you can view the following information about an OS target's network connectivity:

  • Network interfaces: MAC address, IP address, netmask and broadcast address

  • IPV4 and Ipv6

  • Routing tables

  • Open network ports

32.7.2 View Information About Networks

To see information about a network switch:

  1. Select Targets and then All Targets.

  2. Select Ethernet/InfiniBand Fabric.

  3. Select one of the fabrics.

  4. Select one of the network switches.

  5. Use the tabs, such as the Performance tab, to view information about this target.

To see home page of Systems Infrastructure Switch :

  1. Select Targets and then All Targets.
  2. Select Systems Infrastructure Network.
  3. Select a subnet.

32.7.3 Delete Networks

A network is deleted automatically when all targets connected to the network are removed. To remove a network, use the Remove Target action to remove each target. After the last target is removed, the network is deleted.

32.7.4 View Network Details of a Host Target

You can select the host and then its operating system or you can select the operating system and then choose the server from the list, as described in this procedure.

  1. Select Targets and then All Targets.
  2. Scroll down to the Operating System section and select the type of operating system. All servers with that operating system are listed.
  3. Select a host target.
  4. In the OS dashboard, scroll down to the Network Usage chart for an overview of network activity. You can change the values of this graph and its time interval.

    Figure 32-9 Graph of Network Usage

    Description of Figure 32-9 follows
    Description of "Figure 32-9 Graph of Network Usage"
  5. Click the Network Connectivity tab to view details. You can then click the Interfaces or the Data links options.