32.6 Datalinks

32.6.1 About Datalinks

When you discover a network switch or network-enabled device, its datalinks are discovered including:

  • Target Components

  • LAG Configuration

  • LAG Membership

  • Bonding Configuration

  • IPMP Configuration

  • IPMP Membership

The datalink layer manages networks that share resources by means VLANs (tagged and untagged VLAN IDs), InfiniBand partitions (default and assigned partition keys), and Fibre Channel zones. Datalinks can also depend on other datalinks to increase throughput or reliability.

32.6.2 View Information About Datalinks

To see information about datalinks:

  1. Select Targets and then All Targets.
  2. Select Host.
  3. Select a host.
  4. In the summary, click the Network Connectivity tab.
  5. Click the Data links option.
  6. Click the More... option to see the path and the transmission rate.