27.12 EMCTL Resync Commands

Table 27-8 lists the EMCTL resync commands.

Table 27-8 EMCTL Resync Commands

EMCTL Commands Description

emctl resync repos (-full|-agentlist "agent names") [-name "resync name"] [-sysman_pwd "sysman password"]

Submits a repository re-synchronization operation. When the –full option is specified, all agents are instructed to upload the latest state to the repository.

The -agent parameter indicates the list of agents to re-synchronize with.

Note: To use this command shut down the OMSes first and then submit the resync repos command. You can then start the OMSes to start the resync jobs.

emctl abortresync repos (-full|-agentlist "agent names") -name "resync name" [-sysman_pwd "sysman password"]

Aborts the currently running repository re-synchronization operation. The –full option stops the complete repository re-synchronization, and the –agentlist option stops the re-synchronization of the list of agents.

emctl statusresync repos -name "resync name"

Lists the status of the given repository re-synchronization operation.