Loadable Payment Card Configuration Tasks

Loadable payment drivers (including TVS and TV2G) do not support the use of Transaction Services POS API clients.

Setting up a loadable payment driver consists of completing the tasks listed in the following table:

Table 12-4 Loadable Payment Card Configuration Tasks

Task More Information

Reading configuration prerequisites

Configuration Prerequisites

(If applicable) Vendor installing third-party gateway application or communication method

Configuring the loadable payment driver

Configuring the Payment Card Driver:

Configuring the payment device

Configuring the Loadable Payment Device

Configuring the loadable payment card module

Configuring the Payment Card Module:

Creating Front of House loadable payment card buttons

Creating Front of House Loadable Payment Card Buttons

(Optional) Setting Automatic Event Tasks

Autosequence Events

(If applicable) Distributing a third-party payment card driver package

Distributing a Third-Party Credit Card Driver Package