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Sun Datacenter InfiniBand Switch 36 Product Notes for Firmware Version 2.2

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Updated: October 2019

Partition Configuration Consistency Checking

As of firmware 2.2.13, the consistency checking of the partition configuration for the switch with the Subnet Manager enabled has been improved. The contents of the current local partition configuration file is checked when a Subnet Manager becomes master, and during run-time whenever the contents is read due to that the master Subnet Manager needs to re-configure the IB subnet. If an inconsistency is detected during run-time, the Subnet Manager will restart. If an inconsistency is detected following the local Subnet Manager becoming master, then the Subnet Manager will refuse to configure the subnet until a new configuration version that passes the consistency check has been established. (typically by performing a new "smpartition commit" operation.) Note that there is no locally stored checksum for the partition configuration, hence the above checks do not include any checksum verification.

Any discovered inconsistencies are recorded in the syslog file, and an SNMP trap is generated (assuming an SNMP alert target has been defined in the switch ILOM).

In addition to the local consistency checks, there is also an automated periodic check that all switches defined in the smnodes list (normally all switches with enabled Subnet Manager) have a valid partition configuration and also that the checksum for the partition configuration is the same on each switch. The check is performed from the switch that at any point in time is hosting the master Subnet Manager and verifies that the checksum computed for the current partition configuration on the master is the same as the corresponding checksum computed for the local partition configuration on each switch with standby Subnet Manager. As with the local consistency checks, any detected problem is reported in the syslog file and generates an SNMP trap. (assuming an SNMP alert target has been defined in the switch ILOM.)

Consistent partition configuration for all smnodes can also be checked manually by invoking the smpartition check CLI command from the switch currently representing the master Subnet Manager. It is strongly recommended to run smpartition check commands after a new partition configuration has been committed (through the smpartition commit CLI commands). Also ensure that any detected inconsistencies during run-time are corrected immediately.