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Oracle® Developer Studio 12.6: Code Analyzer Tutorial

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Updated: June 2017

Introduction to Code Analyzer

Oracle Developer Studio Code Analyzer is an integrated set of tools designed to help developers of C and C++ applications for Oracle Solaris produce secure, robust, and quality software. It works in conjunction with the Oracle Developer Studio compilers; the memory error discovery tool discover; and the code coverage tool uncover.

Code Analyzer includes three types of analysis:

  • Static code checking as part of compilation

  • Dynamic memory access checking

  • Code coverage analysis

Static code checking detects common programming errors in your code during compilation. A new compiler option leverages the Oracle Developer Studiocompilers' control and data flow analysis frameworks to analyze an application for potential programming and security flaws.

Code Analyzer uses dynamic memory data collected by discover to find memory-related errors when you run your application. It uses data collected by uncover to measure code coverage.

In addition providing access to each individual type of analysis, Code Analyzer integrates static code checking with dynamic memory access analysis and code coverage analysis, to enable you to find many important errors in your applications that cannot be found by other error detection tools working separately.

Note -  The images and errors that you see reported on your system might differ from what is in this tutorial.