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Oracle® ZFS Storage Appliance Security Guide, Release OS8.7.0

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Updated: July 2017

First Steps

This section describes login security during the initial installation of the appliance and recommendations for the physical security of your system.

Initial Installation

The Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance is delivered with the appliance software pre-installed. No software installation is required and no media is delivered.

The initial installation is accomplished with the default account name and password; the default root password must be changed after installation. If the Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance is reset to factory defaults, the root password also resets to the default for both the appliance and the service processor.

During the initial installation of an Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance, there is a default account name and password that is associated with the system service processor. This default account allows a system administrator to gain first-time access to the appliance, where the administrator is then required to perform the initial installation steps. One of the required steps is to set a new appliance administrative password, which in turn also resets the default service processor password to the same value.

Physical Security

To control access to your system, you must maintain the physical security of your computing environment. For example, a system that is logged in and left unattended is vulnerable to unauthorized access. The computer's surroundings and the computer hardware must be physically protected from unauthorized access at all times.

The Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance is intended for restricted access, whereby access is controlled through the use of a means of security (for example, key, lock, tool, badge access) and personnel authorized for access have been instructed on the reasons for the restrictions and any precautions that need to be taken.