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Siebel CRM High Tech and Industrial Manufacturing Guide
Siebel Innovation Pack 2017
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Scenario for Design Registration and Win

This scenario gives one example of how design registrations may be used. You may use design registrations differently, depending on your business model.

A distributor who sells components to computer manufacturers often works with a component supplier who manufactures microprocessors. This component supplier uses Siebel High Tech and Industrial Manufacturing.

While meeting with a computer manufacturer, the distributor learns that the computer manufacturer plans to produce a new server that might be able to use a processor produced by the component supplier.

The distributor wants to work on selling this component to the computer manufacturer, and so the distributor uses the Partner Portal to submit a registration for this design.

The design registration administrator at the component supplier approves this distributor's design registration.

Looking at the Status field in the Partner Portal, the distributor sees that this registration has been approved and begins collaborating with the computer manufacturer to get the microprocessor designed into the product.

After many months of work, the computer manufacturer develops a design for this new server that includes the processor produced by the component supplier. In the Partner Portal, the distributor changes the status of the opportunity to Design Win.


If the distributor must charge a price that would compromise its profit margin in order to keep the computer manufacturer's business, the distributor can enter a request to sell the component at a lower price. For more information, see the section about special pricing authorization in Siebel Partner Relationship Management Administration Guide.

The distributor submits point-of-sales data to the supplier periodically. The distributor can enter this information in the Partner Portal, but it is more common to provide the information through EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) or files of different formats.

The supplier brings this information into the Siebel application using an integration process from an ERP system. Alternatively, if the distributor supplies the information through EDI or other file formats, the supplier can import it using an integration process from a legacy application.