Forgotten EMC Password Recovery

Staff members occasionally forget their password to access the EMC or Simphony Web Portal (SWP). You can reset your password or, in some cases, assist others in resetting their password (if you are privileged to do so). This is accomplished by receiving a temporary, One-Time Password (OTP) via email, which then allows you to log on and reset your password. To further enhance security, you are prompted by the system to choose three security questions from a drop-down list. You must then enter the answers (known only to you) to each of the security questions.

OTPs are valid for one single entry for the individual attempting to log on to the EMC at that time. One-Time Passwords are only valid for five minutes after they are generated by the system.

If you are locked out of the EMC, you cannot reset your own password (regardless if you have the necessary access privileges assigned to your account). You must notify another privileged user to assist you in resetting your EMC password.


To use this functionality, the following requirements must be met:

  • You must install and make network accessible, two separate Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) email servers (each to be designated as either a Primary or Backup server). This is required so that One-Time Passwords can be emailed to employees as needed.

  • To use the Forgot Password link, each employee using the EMC must have a valid email address configured in their employee record

You can reset the password using the Forgot Password link on the EMC Login screen.

Figure 1-3 EMC Login Forgot Password Link

This figure shows the Simphony EMC Login screen and a red arrow indicates the Forgot Password link.