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How To Install a .NET Extension Application

To complete the steps below you will need

All items are configured at the Enterprise level in EMC

Configure Extension Application

  1. Define the Extension Application

    In EMC open the Extension Application module from the "Setup | Custom Content" section

    Click "+" in the button menu to insert a new extension application

    When prompted set name to "MyExAppTest".

    Save changes.

  2. Insert Application Content

    Toggle to Form View on the Extension Application module in EMC

    Click "Insert Application Content" button (to the right)

    Set ZonableKey to "Application" (the ZoneableKey value must be unique for each content item added to an Extension Application).

    Set Description as desired

  3. Import the extension application class library as Extension Application Content

    On the "Designer: " tab change Content Type to "3 - DLL"

    Click on the "Import from a file" link, and browse to and select the extension application class library

    Switch to the "General" tab and enter the name of your DLL in the "Disk File Name" column of the Extension Application Contents grid

    Save changes

  4. Create button to call the "MyExtensionMethod" extension application method

    In EMC open the Page Designer module from the "Configuration | User Interface" section

    Add a new button to the default transaction screen and use the following values for the button

    • Type: Function / Run Extension Application

    • Arguments: Type=DLL;AppName=MyExtAppTest;FileName=MyExtAppTest.dll;Function=MyExtensionMethod

  5. Run Extension Application Method from the POS Client

    Start the POS Client Application by running ServiceHost.exe

    Perform a "Reload Workation Database" operation to update the worktation with latest configuration

    Restart the POS Client Application so the new extension application can be loaded (this is only done at start up)

    Click on button added above to invoke the "MyExtensionMethod" extension method and a pop-up message from the extension application is displayed

    After the workstation is restarted, the extension application class library should be written to disk in the WebServer\wwwroot\EGateway\Handlers\ExtensionApplications\MyExtAppTest folder

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