Defining Target Database

The Define Database page is used to define all databases. See Defining Databases.

When defining the target database to use with PUM, make sure that the various PS homes are properly configured based on your database platform and release.

Important! You only need to define the database once. When you install a new instance of Change Assistant the existing settings can be maintained. See Exporting and Importing Change Assistant Settings.

Ps Home needs to be set to the PeopleTools release/patch for your target database.

When you set up your windows environment, you may have installed 2 PS Homes. One for Oracle on the PUM image release/patch, which is used for the PUM Source PS Home and one for your target database platform at the supported release/patch level for your target environment. Make sure you select the PS Home for your target environment.

PS App Home is the location where you installed your PeopleSoft application files for your target environment. If you needed to install a new PS Home to use with the PUM image, it will not contain your application files. Make sure you select the path where your application files reside.

If you are using PS_CUST_HOME (PeopleSoft Customization Home) to identify and store your site's customized files, you need to specify the path PS Cust Home.