The software described in this documentation is either no longer supported or is in extended support.
Oracle recommends that you upgrade to a current supported release.

1.1 About Spacewalk 2.2 for Oracle Linux

There are no significant changes in the Oracle version of Spacewalk from the upstream project.

Minor changes include the addition of Oracle Linux 6 GPG keys and some branding changes.


For information about installing or upgrading Spacewalk 2.2 servers and proxies, see Spacewalk for Oracle® Linux: Installation Guide for Release 2.2.

For information about installing the Spacewalk Client software, see Section 1.3, “Installing the Spacewalk Client and Registering Servers”.

Summary of New Features and Changes Since Release 2.0

In addition to numerous fixes and small enhancements, the Spacewalk 2.2 release includes the following new features and changes:

  • New design for the web interface.

  • Support for defining a chain of actions to be executed on clients (action chaining).

  • Remote power management.

  • Support for FIPS-enabled Spacewalk clients and servers.

  • Spacewalk Proxy content pre-caching.

  • Identity management (IPA) integration.

  • Support for using SSL for connections to an external PostgreSQL database.

  • SCAP improvements.

  • New API calls and a new read-only user API for retrieving data, for example for auditing.

    The up-to-date API documentation can be found at:

  • The Monitoring component of Spacewalk is deprecated and might not be available in future Spacewalk releases. If you have already deployed this component, it is still supported but you should investigate alternative monitoring solutions.

Detailed information about the changes can be found in the Release Notes for the Spacewalk project at: