peer to peer payments

Peer to Peer (P2P) payments is a mechanism through which the user can transfer funds from his bank account to another individual's account via the digital medium i.e. Internet or a mobile device.

Payments are categorized on the basis of transfer i.e. to an account within the bank or outside the bank. If the transfer is to an account within the bank it is an internal transfer. A transfer to an account outside the bank is called a domestic transfer.

This categorization takes places when a customer saves the payee bank account details during payee maintenance. The customer is provided a single ‘Transfer Money’ screen from which to initiate both internal and domestic payments.

Workflow- Transfer Money

 Workflow Transfer Money

Workflow- Claim Money

 Workflow Claim Money

Features Supported in the Application

The following features are available as part of Peer to Peer payments:

You are here How to reach here:

Dashboard > Payments Widget > Transfer Money

Toggle Menu > Payments > Transfer Money > New Payee
Dashboard > Payments Widget > Manage Payees & Billers > More Options > Pay/ View Edit