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Browser Script Compatibility

Siebel Open UI supports your existing browser script. However, it is recommended that you customize a presentation model instead of using browser script. It is recommended that you gradually move any logic that you implement through your existing browser script to the presentation model.

You can write a browser script in JavaScript. This script can interact with the Document Object Model (DOM) and with the Siebel Object Model that is available in the Web browser through a shadow object. You can script the behavior of Siebel events and the browser events that the DOM exposes.

Siebel Open UI uses a JavaScript environment that allows you to implement browser scripting. This JavaScript API can dynamically refresh page content and instantly commit customization modifications. If your implementation currently uses browser scripting, then you can refactor JavaScript to move from your existing employee application to Siebel Open UI. Refactoring is the process of modifying the internal structure of existing code without modifying the external behavior of this code. For more information about this JavaScript API, see Application Programming Interface.

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