Stream Reporting

With stream reporting, print jobs are "streamed" directly from the report server to your PC where the Adobe Acrobat Reader assembles the document and sends it to the printer. The advantage is that printing can be done in the background, allowing you to perform other tasks while the document is printing.

Note: A minimum of Adobe Acrobat Reader 8.1.1 is required for stream reporting and is available in the Webhtml directory of the Application server. The following gives a breakdown of the different versions of Adobe Acrobat and the earliest version of OPERA that they will work with.

Adobe Acrobat Reader OPERA Version
8.1.1 V5.X.XX.XX
9 V5.0.01.01
X (10) V5.0.02.04

Some versions of Internet Explorer will require additional configuration to utilize the stream reporting functionality. In particular, in Internet Explorer 7 (and later patches of IE6), where restrictions were installed to restrict off-screen windows. If these restrictions are enabled, windows created by a script (such as the OPERA Print window) are restricted from appearing off-screen and pop-up windows (such as the visible notification pop-up) are suppressed in the region of its parent window. See the following URL for more details

When these restrictions are activated, the created print window will open on the visible screen, but will immediately blur behind the OPERA frame. The restrictions can be deactivated in Internet Explorer Settings (Tools>Internet Options>Security Tab).  Select Local Intranet (or Trusted Sites if the site has been added) and then select the Custom Level button. Finally, enable the option "Allow script-initiated windows without size or position constraints".

When you print a report with stream reporting, a "Printing in Progress" message pops up and then disappears. (The duration of this message can be controlled by the General>Print Message Popup Duration application setting.)

Stream Reporting in OPERA

Printing to file can be done in multiple formats, including HTML, XML, Delimited, PDF and Plain Text. Stream Reporting can also work in conjunction with Stationery Editor for the emailing and faxing of customizable reports (RTF). All print jobs will display in the Windows Taskbar.

Note: When starting OPERA with no Acrobat Reader installed, or an older version of Adobe Acrobat, the file InstallOPERAPrintCtrl.exe will check for the correct version of Adobe Reader. The installation file AR81ENG.EXE must exist on the Application server in the Webhtml directory. Additionally, earlier versions on Internet Explorer may require that the browser window be closed to complete the installation of the Adobe Acrobat Reader.