Virtual Pools Tab

Virtual numbers are direct inward dial (DID) telephone numbers that allow outside callers to contact guests directly, without having to go through the telephone operator. Virtual numbers can be used for voice, fax, modem, pager, etc. Virtual numbers are grouped into "pools" for ease of management.

Note: The Virtual Numbers feature is available only when the OPP VNS PMS Virtual Numbers add-on license is active.

Select System Configuration > Reservations > Room Classifications > Rooms to set up and manage room configurations for the property.  (You can also access this screen by selecting System Configuration > Reservations > Function Space Classifications > Function Space when the OPS<version number> OPERA S&C license is active.)

The Rooms screen Virtual Pools tab is used to assign virtual number pools to each room and is available when the OPP_VNS Virtual Numbers PMS add-on license is active.

Select the New button to display the Available Pools list. The virtual number pools listed here depend on which pools have been set up for the property using the option System Configuration > Setup > Virtual Numbers. The Virtual Pools tab allows you to activate the required virtual number pools for the current room.

When you check a guest into this rooms, OPERA will allow you to select virtual numbers only from the pools selected for the room using the Rooms screen Virtual Pools tab.

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