Virtual Number Profile Assignment

(The Virtual Numbers feature is available when the OPP_VNS Virtual Numbers PMS add-on license is active.)

Virtual numbers are direct inward dial (DID) telephone numbers that allow outside callers to contact guests directly, without having to go through the telephone operator. They can be used for voice, fax, modem, and pager communications. Specific virtual numbers can be assigned to an individual type profile to "reserve" that DID number for the guest's use when he or she is in-house. These are sometimes called "dedicated" virtual numbers. Dedicated virtual numbers are not available for use by any other guest except the guest to whose profile the virtual number is attached.

The guest's dedicated virtual number will be automatically assigned or made available for selection whenever a reservation attached to that guest's profile checks in to a room where the appropriate virtual number pool is available. (Whether the virtual number is automatically assigned or must be manually assigned depends on how the pool to which the virtual number belongs has been set up.  See Virtual Number Configuration for details.)

From the Profile Options menu, select the Virtual No. button to assign dedicated virtual numbers to the current profile. The Virtual Number screen appears. This screen provides the following information:

Property. Select the down arrow to choose the property to see virtual number assignments for the current profile. The default is your login property.  (This feature is available if the OPP MHOT PMS Multi-property add-on license is active.)

Pool Name. Virtual number pool name. Virtual numbers can be grouped into pools to organize them according to the rooms where they can be assigned and how they will function.

Virtual Number. DID number selected from the pool for assignment to this profile.

Checked In Room. If the guest is checked in, the room to which the dedicated virtual number is assigned.

Adding Virtual Number Assignments

Select the New button on the Virtual Number screen to assign a virtual number to the current profile. The Pool Name screen appears. Select the virtual number pool that includes the virtual number you want to assign to this profile. Select OK. The Virtual Number - New screen appears. The pool you chose is shown in the Pool Name field. Choose a virtual number from the pool by selecting the down arrow on the Virtual Number field. Select OK to save your changes and return to the Virtual Number screen.

Editing Virtual Number Assignments

To change the virtual number assigned to a profile, highlight the assignment in the Virtual Number screen and select the Edit button. The Virtual Number - Edit screen appears. Select the Virtual Number field down arrow to choose a different virtual number from the list of virtual numbers in the pool. Select OK to save your changes and return to the Virtual Number screen.

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