Creating and Updating Customers

Topics in this part: The following topics describe how to create and maintain customer information on the system through the Customer Maintenance module:

Understanding Customer Types describes the three types of customers you work with throughout the Customer Maintenance module.

Selecting Customers explains how to use the Customer Maintenance Selection Screen to search for existing customer records.

Creating and Updating Sold-to Customers (WCST) describes the Work with Customers screens you use when creating and updating sold-to customers.

Creating and Updating Ship-to Customers (WCST) describes the screens you use when creating and updating ship-to customers.

Creating and Updating Bill-to Customers (WCBT) describes the screens you work with when creating and updating bill-to customers.

Work with Contract Price Screen describes how to establish special contract pricing opportunities for a customer.

Working with Customer Tax Status describes the tax status that you can apply to customers, including standard taxes and exemptions.

Working with Pay Type Exclusions describes how to apply payment method exclusion codes to a customer.

Reviewing Customer History describes how to view a customer's mail history, item history, and order summary and detail history.

Work with User Fields Screen describes how to change, delete, or display information for user-defined fields.

Reviewing Customer Address Changes describes how to display address changes that you enter for your customers.

Printing the Customer Exposure Report (PCER) describes how to print a report listing customer action notes entered and customer action reason codes used on each.

Printing the Customer Detail Exposure Report (PCAR) describes how to print a report listing customer action notes, including details on the customer.

Working with Customer Warranty Information (WCST) describes the screens you use to review and work with items you shipped to customers at no charge, in fulfillment of a warranty.

Working with Customer Email Addresses describes how the system stores and validates email addresses for sold-to customers, and presents the screens you use to work with email addresses.

Working with Customer Ownership describes how to create and update information about the products a customer owns.

Working with Alternate Customer Number Cross-References describes the screens you use to work with additional alternate customer numbers assigned to a customer.

Generic Customer API describes how to create or update customers through a generic XML message.

Customer Engagement Customer Integration describes how to keep customer information in sync with Oracle Retail Customer Engagement when Oracle Retail Customer Engagement is the system of record for customer data.

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