Work with Customers (WCST)

For information on:


the different types of customers in Order Management System; background and overview

Understanding Customer Types

different scanning and selection options when you select customers for maintenance or review

Selecting Customers

the screens you use to create or update name, address, and other basic information about a sold-to customer in the Customer table

Creating and Updating Sold-to Customers (WCST)

reviewing and working with ship-to customers

Creating and Updating Ship-to Customers (WCST)

reviewing and working with bill-to customers

Creating and Updating Bill-to Customers (WCBT)

establishing contract pricing for a customer

Work with Contract Price Screen

working with customer tax status, including standard taxes and exemptions

Working with Customer Tax Status

applying payment method exclusions for a customer

Working with Pay Type Exclusions

reviewing customer mail, item, and order history

Reviewing Customer History

working with user-defined fields for customers

Work with User Fields Screen

reviewing customer address change history

Reviewing Customer Address Changes

reviewing and working with items shipped to customers at no charge in fulfillment of a warranty

Working with Customer Warranty Information (WCST)

reviewing and working with customer email addresses

Working with Customer Email Addresses

reviewing and working with information on products that the customer owns

Working with Customer Ownership

reviewing and working with alternate customer numbers used to cross-reference a customer record in Order Management System with records from external systems

Working with Alternate Customer Number Cross-References

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