E-Commerce Order Cleanup Log

How to print: This report is generated automatically through the ORDER_CLN job when the job purges an “abandoned” order. The reports are available for review through Document Management (My Docs) for the user who started the ORDER_CLN job. See the discussion under the Time Limit for Suspended E-Commerce Orders (G43) for more information on when the job purges these orders.

For more information: See the sample report in PDF format.


• company number and description

• order number

• date and time when order was created

• date and time when order was purged

• the number of minutes that the order was in the system before the ORDER_CLN job deleted it. An order whose order type matches the E-Commerce Order Type (G42) is eligible for purge once the number of minutes specified in the Time Limit for Suspended E-Commerce Orders (G43) has passed, but it might not be purged immediately if, for instance, the ORDER_CLN job was not active or if there were a large number of orders due to be purged at that time.

• sold-to customer number and name or company name

• for each ship-to on the order:

- each item/SKU

- the item/SKU’s unit price

- the quantity of the item/SKU ordered

- the special handling code, if any

- offer code

- item alias used, if any

- coordinate group number, if any

SO10_01r OMSCS 19.0 December 2019 OHC