Working with Promotions (WPRO)

Purpose: Use the Work with Promotion Values function to create and change promotions for reporting, analysis, discounting, or messages in order entry.

A promotion code can perform either or both of the following functions:

Messaging: Set up messages to appear in a pop-up window in order entry for orders using a source code assigned to a promotion.

Discounting: You can use a promotion to:

- discount merchandise (percentage, prorated discount, or price override)

- apply a negative additional charge

- add free gifts

- discount freight

- discount additional freight

- override the ship via on an order

Available order criteria include:

- date range

- source code or offer

- total merchandise value on the order or within an item category or price code

- total order quantity or quantity within an item category or price code

- ship via priority

- ship-to country or SCF

- pay type

- first-time customers only

- customer group or specific customer

Additionally, you can use promotions for source code reporting and analysis purposes.

Promotion analysis report: You can use the Promotion Analysis Report to evaluate the promotions active within a range of dates, or a specific promotion. See Print Order Promotion Analysis Report (POPA) for more information.

In this chapter:

About Messaging Promotions

About Discount Promotions

- BOGO (Buy One/Get One) Discount or Free Gift by Item Category or Item

- BOGO (Buy One/Get One) Discount or Free Gift by Price Code

- Item Category Discount

- Order Discount

- Tiered Discount or Free Gift

- Freight Discount or Override

- Additional Freight Discount

- Ship Via Override

Promotion Logic and Processing

- When Promotions can be Either Manually-Assigned or System-Assigned

- When Promotions Must be Assigned by the System

- Promotion Hierarchy: Best Way

- Promotion Hierarchy: Regular Priority

- Using the Order Total to Evaluate Different Promotion Types

- Additional Notes about Promotion Selection Hierarchy

- Applying Promotions through the Order API

- Order Transaction History Message

- System Control Values Related to Promotions

- Cautions Related to Promotions

Work with Promotions Screen

Create Promotion Screen

Work with Qualifying Source Codes Screen

Work with Promotion Discounts Screen

Copy Promotion Screen

Work with Qualifying Customer/Price Groups Screen

Work with Qualifying Item Categories Screen

Work with BOGO Discount Screen (Item Category or Item)

Change BOGO Discount Screen

Work with BOGO Discounts by Item/Price Code Screen

BOGO Discount by Item/Price Code Screen

BOGO Discount by Item/Price Code Screen (Display Mode)

Work with Item/Category Exclusions Screen

Work with Promotions by Start Date Screen

Work with Promotions by End Date Screen

Promotion Upload

- Promotion Upload Table (PRMUPLD)

- General Rules for Promotion Uploads

- Fields Used in the Promotion Upload by Record Type

- Promotion Upload Errors

Not in this topic: This topic does not describe promotional pricing. For more information on these menu options, see:

Work with Promotional Pricing Groups (WPRG)

Work with Promotional Pricing (WPRP)

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