About Messaging Promotions

Purpose: You can use a promotion to display a pop-up message in order entry by:

• entering up to four lines of pop-up message text for the promotion code through the Work with Promotion Values menu option;

• assigning the promotion code to one or more source codes through the Work with Source Codes menu option.

When you have entered header information for an order whose source code is associated with the promotion, the promotional pop-up window opens. The window opens only for the range of dates you specify for the promotion. If you also set up pop-up window messages for the source code, this window opens first, and then the window with the promotion window opens.

Single promotion message: You can set up only one promotion message to display in order entry for each source code.

Message-only promotions through the order API: If the CWOrderIn message specifies a message-only promotion and the Allow Manual Entry of Promotion Code (I63) system control value is selected, the message-only promotion applies to the order and the API writes an Order Transaction History message, such as SPRING13 - CHECK OUT OUR SPRING SPECIALS applied by web. These messages are available for review at the Display Order History Screen. See the Generic Order Interface (Order API) for background on using the order API.

Message plus discount: You can set up a promotion that will both display a pop-up message and apply a discount to the order. See About Discount Promotions.

WPRO OMSCS 19.0 December 2019 OHC