Quantity Available Threshold for Inventory Downloads (G36)

Purpose: Use this screen to define the quantity available that serves as a trigger for the generic inventory download.

Quantity field: Enter the quantity to trigger the generic inventory download. The generic inventory download enables you to communicate inventory information to external systems, such as through Order Broker.

Note: This field is also included under the Generic Integration Values (I13) system control value as the Download Threshold Quantity.

Threshold hierarchy: You can also define a Avail thrshld (Item-level availability threshold) for an individual item, and/or a Availability threshold (item class-level) for an item class. The system determines which threshold to use for an item by checking the:

1. item threshold

2. if there is no item threshold, the threshold for the item class assigned to the item

3. if there is no item or item class threshold, the system control value setting


Example: An item’s threshold is 20; its item class threshold is 15; and the system control value is set to 25. The interactive inventory download takes place based on the item-level threshold of 20.

Interactive download: A trigger record is created (generic inventory download):

• if an item or SKU’s available quantity is greater than or equal to this threshold, and then it falls below the threshold

Example: Available quantity for item AB100 is 21, and the web threshold is 20. You enter an order line for a quantity of 2, reducing the available quantity to 19.

• once an item or SKU’s available quantity is below the threshold, each time the available quantity is reduced until it is zero

Example: After entering the order line in the above example, you enter another line on a different order for a quantity of 4, reducing the available quantity from 19 to 15.

• if an item or SKU’s available quantity is below this threshold, and then it increases to the threshold quantity or more

Example: After entering the order line in the above example, you cancel an order for 5 units, bringing the available quantity for the item from 15 to 20.

If you leave this field blank, the system checks the item-level and item class-level thresholds as described above. If all of these thresholds are blank, the system will not automatically create inventory download trigger records based on availability thresholds.

About the Generic Inventory Download API

Generic inventory download: If the Create Generic Inventory Download Triggers (I32) system control value is selected, the system creates ITW trigger records in the IL Outbound Trigger table to determine which items to include in the download. The INV_DOWNLD process in Working with Integration Layer Processes (IJCT) then generates the Inventory Download XML Message (CWInventoryDownload) based on the trigger records. However, the system does not create a trigger record if the Include Non-Allocatable Warehouses (I34) is unselected, and none of the existing Item Warehouse records for an item/SKU are non-allocatable.

Interactive trigger creation: The system creates an ITW trigger whenever an item’s available quantity breeches the appropriate threshold, as described above.

Other ways to create inventory download triggers: You can also create ITW triggers for all eligible items through Generating Outbound Interface Triggers (GOIT) or through a periodic function. See Generic Inventory Download API for more information.

IN03_16 OMSCS 19.0 December 2019 OHC