Default Batch for E-Commerce Orders in Error (G41)

Purpose: Use this screen to define the order batch number to assign to e-commerce (order API) orders that are in error.

Number field: Enter the order batch number to assign to order API orders that are in error, so that you can use batch order entry to correct the errors.

Orders you receive through the order API go through an edit process. Any orders that fail this edit are placed in error (E) status, and assigned to the batch number you specify here. Additionally, the system generates the Print Remote Order Errors Report, so you can review the errors on particular orders.

You should use batch order entry periodically to check whether any orders are in error, and to correct the errors.

When the order is accepted, the system clears the batch number from the order header if the batch number matches this system control value.

Order Broker: If the Order Broker Error Batch Number (K90) is blank, retail pickup and delivery orders in error are assigned to the same batch as e-commerce orders in error.

Order confirmation? The order API generates the order confirmation when it creates the order regardless of whether the order is in error, provided the Suppress Order Confirmations for Orders in Error (K09) system control value is unselected; otherwise, if this system control value is selected, the confirmation is not generated until you correct the errors and the order is processed by the ORDR_ASYNC background job.

IN03_16 OMSCS 19.0 December 2019 OHC