Understanding Managing Container Page Elements

Use the container element to create a content container around other element types.

You can insert the following page elements into a container element:

  • Action sheet.

  • Check box.

  • Containers.

  • Flip toggle.

  • HTML area.

  • Image/Static text.

  • Input.

  • List view.

  • Mobile grid.

  • Push button.

  • Radio button.

  • Select box.

  • Select menu.

  • Slider.

  • Static text.

  • Table.

  • URL.

And, you can insert containers into the following element types:

  • Container. (Containers can be nested.)

  • Footer

  • Header

  • List view.

  • Mobile grid.

  • Select menu.

To define a container element you insert it into the layout using the Layout Grid on the Layout Designer – Layout page. After inserting a container you can specify container properties.