Defining Container Page Elements

This topic describes how to:

  • Add container page elements to pages.

  • View defined container page elements in the Layout grid.

Understanding Defining Container Page Elements

To define a container element you use the Layout grid toolbar on the Layout grid on the Layout Designer – Layouts page to insert it into the layout page. At the time you define/add a container page element to your application, there are no other tasks to perform or parameters to specify. After you add the element to a layout page, use the Container Properties page to define styles and options for the page element.

Adding Container Page Elements to Pages

To add a container page element to a page:

  1. Access the Layout grid on the Layout Designer – Layout page.

    Select PeopleTools > Mobile Application Platform > Layout Designer. to access the page.

  2. Determine the position in the grid to add the page element.

  3. Click the row directly above where you want to add the page element to make it the current row.

    The Current Row icon (blue arrow) displays in the first column of the row to indicate that it’s the current row.

    Field or Control


    Current Row

    The Current Row button.

  4. Click the Add Container button on the Layout grid toolbar.

    Field or Control


    Add Container

    The Add Container button.

After you click the button the element appears in the Layout grid.

Viewing Defined Container Page Elements in the Layout Grid

Container elements are indicated in the Layout grid by the mapcont_start and mapcont_end element IDs.

Image: Container element inserted into the Layout grid

This example illustrates a container element inserted into the Layout grid.

Container element defined in the Layout grid

Within the start and end elements you insert additional page elements to build the container.

To define properties for a container element, click the Properties link to the right of the start ID.