Configuring PS/nVision on the Web

PS/nVision processes on the web are all run by Process Scheduler. All the equivalent settings that PS/nVision needs in the Windows client (such as layout directory and instance directory) are defined in the nVision section of the Process Scheduler configuration file. Other configurable options include:

  • The EnableDrillDownDownForFile parameter, which supports DrillDown on File output type reports in the web-based nVision environment.

    The setting only takes effect when the report request is defined to run in File output type on the web. By default, EnableDrillDownDownForFile is set to be 0 (false). When the option is set to 1, users are able to access the report instances in the instance directory and drill down the report instances on the web. When the option is set to 0, the generated report instances are not drillable.

  • The EnablePollDialogs and PollDialogSeconds parameters, which dismiss unattended PS/nVision dialog boxes.

    Note: Because this option can affect performance, it should be used with caution.

  • The TraceLevel option, which enables you to generate and view trace logs specifically for PS/nVision.

  • The SaveTempFile parameter enables you to save or delete the temporary reports that are created when running nVision to email, print, or web output.

    When SaveTempFile parameter is set to true (1), temporary reports will not be deleted. If run to email or print output, the reports will be saved to the folder specified in the Directory Name Template field of the report request. If that field is left blank, the report is saved to the nVision instance directory. If run to web output, the report is always be saved in the nVision instance directory.