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1 Getting Started

2 Installing Browser Certificates

3 Verifying and Backing Up the Encryption Key

4 Logging In to Enterprise Manager Cloud Control Console

5 Exploring the Interface

6 Setting Your Home Page

7 Creating Roles and Administrators

8 Configuring Auditing Framework

9 Setting My Oracle Support Credentials

10 Configuring Software Library

11 Configuring Self Update

12 Downloading Oracle Management Agent Software

13 Setting Up Oracle Management Service Agent Proxy

14 Setting Up OMS My Oracle Support Proxy

15 Adding Additional Oracle Management Service

16 Configuring Outgoing Mail Servers (SMTP Servers)

17 Deploying Plug-Ins

18 Discovering Targets

19 Monitoring Targets

20 Creating Monitoring Templates

21 Setting Up Administration Group Hierarchy

22 Setting Up Notifications

23 Setting Up Incident Rule Sets and Subscribing to Receive E-Mail Notifications

24 Setting Up Reporting Framework