tadm get-perfdump common_options --config=config_name --node=node_name


Use this command to view the perfdump statistics. The perfdump utility is a Server Application Function (SAF) built into Oracle Traffic Director. The utility collects the Oracle Traffic Director performance data and displays it in ASCII format.

This utility allows you to monitor a greater variety of statistics. With perfdump, the statistics are unified. Rather than monitoring a single process, statistics are multiplied by the number of processes. This gives you a more accurate view of the server performance.


For information about common_options, run the help command.


Specify the name of the node.


Specify the name of the configuration to view the perfdump statistics.


tadm get-perfdump --user=admin --password-file=./admin.passwd --port=8989 --no-prompt

Exit Codes

The following exit values are returned:

0: command executed successfully

>0: error in executing the command

For more information about exit codes and syntax notations, run the help command.

See Also

help, get-perfdump-prop, enable-perfdump, disable-perfdump, list-nodes