tadm enable-perfdump common_options [--uri=uri] --config=config_name --vs=vs_name


Use this command to enable the perfdump utility. Perfdump is a Server Application Function (SAF) built into Oracle® Traffic Director that collects various pieces of performance data from the OTD internal statistics and displays them in ASCII text. The perfdump output does not display all the statistics available through the command-line statistics or the Administrator Console.

You can use perfdump even if the Administration Server is not running. You can view the perfdump output through the CLI, which is enabled by default, or you can view the perfdump output through a URI, which you have to enable. If you enable the URI, you must control access to the perfdump URI, else it is visible to users. With perfdump, the statistics are unified. Rather than monitoring a single process, statistics are multiplied by the number of processes, which provides you with an accurate view of the server as a whole.


For information about common_options, run the help command.


Specify the URI at which the perfdump report should be available.


Specify the name of the configuration to enable perfdump.


Specify the name of the virtual server for which you want to enable perfdump.


tadm enable-perfdump --user=admin --password-file=./admin.passwd
 --host=admin.example.com --port=8989 --no-prompt 
--config=www.example.org --vs=soa.example.org

Exit Codes

The following exit values are returned:

0: command executed successfully

>0: error in executing the command

For more information about exit codes and syntax notations, run the help command.

See Also

help, get-perfdump, get-perfdump-prop, disable-perfdump