Getting Help, Support, and Updates for Oracle Social Network Desktop

This section describes how to get help, support, and updates for the desktop:

How can I get help with Oracle Social Network Desktop?

The Help menu (Help menu icon) has a few options for getting help with your social network:

  • Select Online Help to navigate to the Help Center, where many topics are available that describe features and step you through their use.

  • Select Community to navigate to Oracle Social Network community forums, where you can talk about your experience with fellow users and experts.

  • Select Support for information about how to get support and for access to troubleshooting logs to help in diagnosing problems.

  • Select About Oracle Social Network to get version information and to download the latest available version.

How do I save my Oracle Social Network activity logs?

Saving your activity logs creates an archive file (.zip) that contains .log, .txt, .xsl, and .xml files. When addressing an issue with Oracle Social Network, someone from support might ask you to save your activity logs.

  1. Click Help menu icon, then select Support.
  2. In the Support dialog, click Save Logs.
  3. Use the Save As dialog to select a destination and save.

    The default name of the archive file is If you don't want to overwrite a previous archive file, rename it before saving.

How do I check for updates to Oracle Social Network Desktop?

  1. Click Help menu icon, then select About Oracle Social Network.
  2. In the About dialog, click Check for Update and follow prompts.