Managing Your Oracle Social Network Account in the Add-In for Outlook

This section describes how to manage your Oracle Social Network account in the add-in for Outlook:

What are Oracle Social Network accounts?

An Oracle Social Network account is your connection to a server that is hosting an instance of Oracle Social Network. Your organization might have multiple servers, each offering its own instance of Oracle Social Network. If you can log on to two or more of these, then you can say you have multiple accounts.

Note: In the add-in for Outlook, you can interact with only one Oracle Social Network account at a time.

Your system administrator will likely set up your system to automatically connect to the necessary accounts. However, you might be required to supply your name and password at the start of every session.

The first time you start the add-in for Outlook, the Manage Accounts dialog opens with options for configuring this and future sessions. There are options for:

  • Hiding the Manage Accounts dialog at future start-ups

  • Selecting the account you want to use in this session

  • Saving your password for future sessions

  • Working offline (for more information, see Working Offline)

If you have only one account, you might want to save your password and hide the Manage Accounts dialog. Or, you might want to save your password, but continue to open this dialog so that you always have the option to select the account to use in this session.

How do I set up a new account?

When your company has multiple Oracle Social Network accounts, you can preset connections to all of them in the add-in for Outlook.

Tip: Switching between accounts is as simple as selecting an account from the Accounts menu (see How do I switch between add-in accounts?).

  1. If necessary, click Show Panel in the Outlook ribbon to open the add-in panel.
  2. At the bottom of the panel, open the Accounts menu, and select Manage Accounts.
    Accounts menu icon
  3. In the Manage Accounts dialog, click New Account button to the right of the Account field.
  4. In the Account field, enter a name for the account to appear on the Accounts menu.
  5. In the Server URL field, enter the URL to the server that hosts the new Oracle Social Network account, then click Next.

    Enter server name, port number, and instance. For example:

    If you don't provide a port number, a default value for the connection type is used.

  6. If your company uses federated authentication, your newly created account is selected in the Manage Accounts dialog. Click OK, then enter your login information as requested.

    If your company doesn't use federated authentication, skip to the next step.

  7. If necessary, enter the Identity Domain.
  8. In the User Name field, enter your Oracle Social Network user name.
  9. In the Password field, enter your Oracle Social Network password.
  10. To save your user name and password and log in automatically in future sessions, select Remember password.
  11. Click OK.

How can I see my account status?

Account status tells you which account you are using and whether you are active, inactive, or offline. In the add-in for Outlook, account status is shown at the bottom of the add-in.

Account status (in red box)

A colored ball to the left of the Accounts menu and a line of text to the right show whether you are active (green), inactive (yellow), or offline (gray).

How do I switch between add-in accounts?

In the add-in for Outlook, open the Accounts menu and select the account you want to use. You might be prompted to log in.

Accounts menu icon

How do I disconnect from an account?

From the Accounts menu, either select another account or click Work Online to deselect it (for more information about Work Online, see Working Offline).

How do I delete an account?

  1. From the Accounts menu, select Manage Accounts.
  2. From the Account list, select the account to delete.
  3. Click Delete Account icon to the right of the Account list.
  4. In the confirmation dialog, click Yes.

How can I troubleshoot my accounts?

The Support dialog provides access to reports and logs to help you troubleshoot (with the help of My Oracle Support) issues you might encounter.

  1. Click Help icon, select Support.
  2. Click one of the buttons at the bottom of the dialog to view reports or logs:
    • Click Reports to generate a report about activities in your social network's code over a selected period.

    • Click Logging to set a logging level, configure log output, and to save your log to a file.

You can then send the reports or logs to My Oracle Support.

The Oracle Social Network Community Forum is a discussion forum where you can talk with experts and fellow users. Click Help icon, and select Community.