Introduction to Workflow & Automation

    This article provides an overview of the Workflow & Automation section of the SRM platform.

    In this article:

    What is Workflow & Automation?

    The Workflow & Automation area of the SRM platform is where you control your account settings, configure your resources (teams, social properties, bundles) and configure your users.

    These articles have been written assuming that you are assigned as an account or team admin on your SRM account. This means that you have full access to Workflow & Automation. If you are not an admin, then you may have access only to the Profile tab.

    The Workflow & Automation Layout

    There are the following seven tabs on the W&A page.

    • Profile - Set and edit your basic user information, like your password and address, and see what teams, bundles, and social properties you have been assigned to
    • Resources - Create, organize and control the Resources for your account
    • Users - Invite new users to your account, edit information on existing users, and view any pending invitations you have sent
    • Account - General settings for your account
    • Workflow - Create and run processes while collaborating with your coworkers
    • Automations - (Engage only) Set rules to automatically label, assign, and delete posts in Engage
    • Plugins - (Engage only) add connections to your Bitly, Oracle CRM On Demand, RightNow, and Siebel accounts for Engage

    There are help articles for each of these sections, so if you want more information on those individual sections, check there. You can find the links in the Workflow & Automation Table of Contents article.

    Basic Terminology

    Let’s go through some terminology that you will see in Workflow & Automation and throughout the SRM platform:

    The following terms are what we refer to as resources in Oracle Social Marketing--they each have their own area in the Resources tab.

    • Social Property: For example, a Facebook stream, Twitter account, Google+ stream or Tabs View that you publish to, create, moderate, and analyze using the SRM platform.
    • Users: People who have access to your SRM account. Users can be given various permission levels and be assigned to specific social properties, teams, and bundles on your account.
    • Teams: Groups of users who have access to the same social properties on your account.
    • Bundles: Groups of your social properties. You can assign specific teams or users to your bundles.

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