Workflow & Automation Table of Contents

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      Introduction to Workflow & Automation

      • What is Workflow & Automation?
      • The Workflow & Automation Layout
      • Basic Terminology

      User Roles in SRM

      • Assigning a User a Role
      • User Roles and Their Permissions

      My Profile Tab

      • Your User Information
      • Editing Your Profile
      • Changing Your Account Language

      The Resources Tab: Teams

      • Teams Grid
      • Creating a Team
      • Adding a User to a Team
      • Adding a Team to a Team
      • Adding a Sub Team to a Team
      • Download CSV

      The Resources Tab: Social Properties

      • Social Properties Grid
      • Adding a Social Property
      • Deactivated Social Properties
      • Reauthorizing a Stream
      • Download CSV

      The Resources Tab: Bundles

      • Bundles Grid
      • Creating a Bundle
      • Download CSV

      Navigating with Bundles

      • Selecting a Bundle
      • Returning to the Full Accounts List

      The Resources Tab: Templates

      • What is a Template?
      • Creating a Template
      • Using a Template in Publish

      The Users Tab

      • User Grid
      • Pending Invitations
      • Download CSV
      • Editing a User
      • Changing a User's Role
      • Account Administrators
      • Restore Users

      The Account Tab

      • My Accounts
      • Media Accounts & Custom Audiences

      Custom Audiences

      • Getting Started - Creating a Facebook Ads Account
      • Adding Your Ads Account to SRM
      • Creating a Custom Audience
      • Populating Your Custom Audience
      • Custom Audience Main Page
      • Custom Audience Detail Page


      • Creating Workflow Templates
      • Using a Workflow

      The Automation Tab

      • Engage only
      • Auto-Label
      • Auto-Assign/Auto-Delete

      The Plugins Tab

      • Engage only

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