The Users Tab

    The Users tab is where you can invite new users to your account, edit information on existing users, and view any pending invitations you have sent.

    User Grid

    When you first enter the Users tab, you'll land on the main User page, which has the holy grail for users, the User grid. All users on your account are listed in the User Grid.

    The grid shows the user's name, when they were added to the system, their contact information, and their default role which you can change on this page. You can edit or delete a user by clicking the gear image on the right side of the grid.

    You can also search for a specific user by typing their name or email address into the Search field. The list will repopulate with just the users that meet your search criteria.

    Inviting Users

    To give users access to your account, you need to send them an invite. You can either invite them individually, or in a group through a CSV.

    Note: You must be in your account level bundle to invite users, not a sub-bundle.

    To invite a user to your account:

    1. Click Invite Users. The Invite Users dialog window will open.
    2. Enter the email addresses of the users you want invite to your account. If you want the invitee to be an admin on your account, select the Assign as Account Admin check box.
    3. Click Send Invitations and your invites will be emailed.

    Once you have invited a user to your account, you can begin adding them to teams, social properties, and bundles, and set their user role, even if their invitation is still pending. For more info on user roles, see the User Roles help article.

    Inviting Multiple Users

    To invite multiple users at a time:

    1. Click Invite Users. The Invite Users dialog window will open.
    2. Download the sample CSV.
    3. Fill out the CSV with the user info you want to add, and save it with a new name.
      Note: There is a limit of 150 users per CSV upload, so if you have more than 150 users to invite, you will need to add them in separate uploads.
    4. Return to the Invite Users modal and click Choose file.
    5. Select the CSV you just saved, and click Upload Users.

    The users you invited will receive the invite email and will need to click the link in the email to accept the invitation and set up their account.

    Pending Invitations

    You can view the invites you have sent out, but that haven't been responded to, by clicking the Pending Invitations tab on the left side of the screen. Here you can see who you have invited, and if a user loses their email, you can get the invitation URL to resend to them on this page.

    Downloading CSV

    The Download CSV text link on the main Users page allows admins to download a CSV file with information on all the users on either their account or team.

    Editing a User

    If you need to edit a user's information, click the gear icon next to their name or simply click on their name. This will open their user profile.

    Note: You can edit a pending invitation.

    On the user's profile page, you can change any of the user's info. Once you make the changes you need to, click Save Changes.

    To return to the Users page, click All Users from the left hand menu.

    Changing a User's Role

    If you need to change a user's default role, you can do that from the User grid. Just find the person you want to change and use the drop-down menu to select the role you want them to have. The page will refresh and the user's role will be updated.

    Note: Users can also be assigned to a role on a specific stream. For more info on this, please see the Social Properties help article.

    Account Administrators

    Clicking the Account Administrators tab on the left side of the page will take you to a page that shows every user on your account whose user role is Account Administrator, i.e., they were assigned the administrator role as their default.

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