My Profile

    The My Profile section of Workflow & Automation is where you can set and edit your basic user information, such as your password and address, and see what teams, bundles, and social properties you have permissions on.

    There are two parts to the My Profile page: Your information and Your resources.

    Your Information

    On the left side of the screen, you'll see information about yourself that you entered when you created your SRM account. You'll see your user picture, pulled from the Facebook profile you linked to your account.

    You'll also see:

    • Company name and title
    • City, State, Country
    • Time Zone

    Click the pencil icon to edit your information.

    You can edit everything mentioned above, and the following fields.

    • If you have not linked your Facebook profile, you will see an option to Link SRM Profile with Facebook. If you're logged into Facebook when you click this option, your profile will be linked to that Facebook account. If you are not logged into Facebook, you will be given the option to login.
    • Link a Different Profile - This allows you to link your SRM profile to a different Facebook account.
      Note: If you're not logged into Facebook, you will be given the option to login. If you're logged into Facebook, make sure that you're logged into the account that you want to link with your SRM profile before clicking the link.
    • Unlink Facebook Profile - This allows you to disconnect your Facebook account from your SRM account.
    • Geolocation - This link takes you to the list of Geotargets you have been added to. For more info on geotargeting, see the Templates help article.
    • Email address
    • Phone number
    • Receive email notifications? - Select this box if you want SRM to send you e-mail notifications about things happening in your account. The notifications include, Social Property Re-authorizations, Expired user, Destroyed user, Unmetric, and Message Limit Thresholds.
    • Security - This is your password for your SRM account.
    • Session Timeout - How many hours until you are automatically logged out of the SRM.


    If you want to view the SRM platform in a different language, you will set that here. Use the drop-down menu to choose the language you want the platform to appear as, then click Save Changes. The text in SRM will change to the language you chose. In the drop-down list, each listed language will appear in its own language.

    Note: Anywhere you are entering text, like the Create a Post page in Publish, semantic analysis filters in Listen, or modules in Content & Apps, are not affected by this language setting. Whatever language you type, that is the language that will appear.

    The following languages are supported:

    Supported Languages

    English Localized Language
    Bulgarian Български
    Croatian Hrvatski
    Czech Čeština
    Danish Dansk
    Dutch Nederlands
    English English
    Estonian eesti
    Finnish suomi
    French Français
    French (Canada) Français (Canada)
    German Deutsch
    Greek Ελληνικά
    Hindi हिन्दी
    Hungarian Magyar
    Indonesian Bahasa Indonesia
    Italian Italiano
    Japanese 日本語
    Korean 한국어
    Latvian Latviešu
    Lithuanian Lietuvių
    Malay Bahasa Melayu
    Norwegian Norsk
    Polish Polski
    Portuguese Português
    Portuguese (Brazil) Português (do Brasil)
    Romanian Română
    Russian Русский
    Serbian (Latin chars) srpski (latinica)
    Simplified Chinese 中文(简体)
    Slovenian Slovenščina
    Spanish Español
    Swedish Svenska
    Thai ไทย
    Traditional Chinese 繁體中文
    Turkish Türkçe
    Ukrainian українська
    Vietnamese Tiếng Việt

    Once you have finished editing your information, click Save Changes button.

    Your Social Properties, Bundles, and Teams

    On the right side of the screen, you'll see tabs for Social Properties, Bundles, and Teams. Clicking these will show you a list of the social properties, bundles, or teams to which you have access.

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