The Account Tab

    The Account section of Workflow & Automation is where you can set and edit various options for your account, as well as add media accounts, and set up custom audiences for your paid media.

    There are 3 tabs in the Account section. They are, My Account, Media Accounts, and Custom Audiences.

    My Account

    This section is where you can change various settings for your account.

    • Account Avatar - Choose an image that will appear beside your account in the bundle picker.
    • Account Name - Displays your account name.
    • Time Zone - Sets the time zone for the entire account. This will be the default time zone for the account, though individual users can set their own time zones on their profile.
    • Default Timeout Value - Sets time duration in hours for which you can be logged into your account before you are logged out. This is set by default at 8 hours.
    • Password Expiration Value - Sets how long until your user's password expires.
    • Enable Message Locking - Enables message locking for your account. For more info on message locking, see Getting Started with Engage help article.
    • Make Unpublished Posts Visible - Makes unpublished posts visible in Engage. For more info on unpublished posts in Engage, see the Hidden section of the Filtering Messages help article.

    Once you have finished making any changes, click Save Changes. You'll get a confirmation message that your changes have been saved.

    Media Accounts and Custom Audiences

    The Media Accounts and Custom Audiences sections are part of our paid media solutions. All the details on how to use these sections are in the Custom Audiences help article.

    API Apps

    This section is where you register your external application to use the REST API for Oracle Social Relationship Management Cloud Service. All the details on how to use this API are in SRM Developer Platform.

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