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Part I Overview of Creating Applications for Services Gatekeeper

1 About Creating Applications that Interact with Services Gatekeeper

2 Understanding the Supported Application Interfaces

3 Managing Communication Sessions

Part II Creating Applications Using the RESTful Interfaces

4 Using the RESTful Interfaces

5 Adding RESTful Third Party Call Support

6 Adding RESTful Anonymous Customer Reference Support

7 Adding RESTful Application Subscription Management Support

8 Adding RESTful Call Notification Support

9 Adding RESTful Short Messaging Support

10 Adding RESTful Multimedia Messaging Support

11 Adding RESTful Email Communication Service Support

12 Adding RESTful Terminal Status Support

13 Adding RESTful Terminal Location Support

14 Adding RESTful Payment Support

15 Adding RESTful Audio Call Support

16 Adding RESTful Quality of Service Support

17 Adding RESTful Presence Support

18 Adding RESTful Device Capabilities Support

19 Adding RESTful Binary Short Messaging Support

20 Adding RESTful Session Manager Support

21 Adding RESTful Subscriber Profile Support

22 Adding RESTful WAP Push Support

Part III Creating Applications Using the OneAPI RESTful Interfaces

23 Using the OneAPI RESTful Interfaces

Part IV Creating Applications Using the SOAP Interfaces

24 Using the SOAP Interfaces

25 Adding a SOAP2SOAP Communication Services

26 Adding SOAP-Based Quality of Service Support

27 About the Supported SOAP Parlay X 2.1 Facades

28 About the Supported SOAP Parlay X 3.0 Facades

29 About the Supported SOAP Parlay X 4.0 Facades

30 About the Supported SOAP Native Facade

Part V Creating Applications Using Extended Web Service Interfaces

31 Understanding the Extended Web Services Common Definitions

32 Adding Extended Web Service Binary SMSs Support

33 Adding WAP Push Extended Web Service Message Support

34 Adding Subscriber Profile Extended Web Service Support

Part VI Testing Applications with the Application Test Environment

35 Understanding the Application Test Environment

36 Testing Applications with the Application Test Environment

37 Customizing the Application Test Environment

A ATE Endpoints

B Virtual Communication Services Exception Codes