Overview of CVU

CVU can verify the primary cluster components during an operational phase or stage. A component can be basic, such as free disk space, or it can be complex, such as checking Oracle Clusterware integrity. For example, CVU can verify multiple Oracle Clusterware subcomponents across Oracle Clusterware layers. Additionally, CVU can check disk space, memory, processes, and other important cluster components. A stage could be, for example, database installation, for which CVU can verify whether your system meets the criteria for an Oracle Real Application Clusters (Oracle RAC) installation. Other stages include the initial hardware setup and the establishing of system requirements through the fully operational cluster setup.

Table A-1 lists verifications you can perform using CVU.

Table A-1 Performing Various CVU Verifications

Verification to Perform CVU Commands to Use

System requirements verification

cluvfy comp sys

Oracle Cluster File System verification

cluvfy stage [-pre | -post] cfs

Storage verifications

Network verification

cluvfy stage -post hwos

Connectivity verifications

Cluster Time Synchronization Services verification

cluvfy comp clocksync

User and Permissions verification

cluvfy comp admprv

Node comparison and verification

cluvfy comp peer

Installation verification

Deletion verification

cluvfy stage -post nodedel

Oracle Clusterware and Oracle ASM Component verifications