Operational Notes

Usage Information

  • The CRSCTL utility is located in the Grid_home/bin directory. To run CRSCTL commands, type in crsctl at the operating system prompt followed by the command and arguments, as shown in the following example:

    crsctl stop crs
  • There are three categories of CRSCTL commands:

    • Those that you use in either the Oracle Real Application Clusters (Oracle RAC) environment or in the Oracle Restart environment

    • Those that you use in the Oracle RAC environment, only

    • Those that you use in the Oracle Restart environment, only

  • Many CRSCTL commands use the -f parameter to force the command to run and ignore any checks.

    For example, if you specify the force parameter for the crsctl stop resource command on a resource that is running and has dependent resources that are also running, then the force parameter omits the error message and instead stops or relocates all the dependent resources before stopping the resource you reference in the command.

  • Do not use versions of CRSCTL earlier than 12c release 1 (12.1) to manage Oracle Clusterware 12c.


You can use filters to narrow down Oracle Clusterware entities upon which a CRSCTL command operates, as follows:

  • Simple filters are attribute-value pairs with an operator.

  • Operators must be surrounded by spaces, as shown in the examples.

  • You can combine simple filters into expressions called expression filters using Boolean operators.

Supported filter operators are:

  • =
  • >
  • <
  • !=
  • co: Contains
  • st: Starts with
  • en: Ends with

Supported Boolean operators are AND and OR.

Examples of filters are:

  • TYPE = type1

  • ((TYPE = type1) AND (CHECK_INTERVAL > 50))

  • (TYPE = type1) AND ((CHECK_INTERVAL > 30) OR (AUTO_START co never))

  • NAME en network.res

  • TYPE st ora.db

Using the eval Command

The eval command, when you use it, enables you to simulate a command without making any changes to the system. CRSCTL returns output that informs you what will happen if you run a particular command.

The eval commands available are:


CRSCTL can only evaluate third-party resources. Resources with the .ora prefix, such as ora.orcl.db, must be evaluated using SRVCTL commands.

See Also:

Using CRSCTL Help

To print the help information for CRSCTL, use the following command:

crsctl -help

If you want help for a specific command, such as start, then enter the command and append -help to the end, as shown in the following example:

crsctl start -help

You can also use the abbreviations -h or -? (this parameter functions in Linux, UNIX, and Windows environments) instead of -help.